Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tiger wins the inaugural Drinker's Tavern quiz; cumulative points tallying for the Big Prize begins

Northern Virginians Tiger squeaked out a win in the first official Drinker's Tavern quiz. I was supposed to be posting a photo of them holding a sign that read FUCK U A.B., as A.B. is their boss, and they do not like their boss. Not one little bit. For some reason that photo did not register on my camera. There's no audio here, but trust me, these guys are telling A.B. what he can go do.

Turn-out was good, the crowd was fun and I have to say that Drinker's gave me a lot of prizes to give out. Lots of people went home with a shirt, a decent hat (none of this trucker/mesh nonsense) or various other trinkets, and I gave away a CD on top of that.

What's going to happen from now on is that I'll list the weekly winner (top prize every week is a $25 gift card to Drinker's) followed by a running total of cumulative points until the Big Prize is distributed, which is to say the new limited edition Pabst Blue Ribbon bike plus other cool stuff I'll figure out later. I know you guys; I'm a trivia geek too. I know what you crave. The team with the most cumulative points will be awarded the first Big Prize the Tuesday of the last week of April, including totals from that contest. I've been informed of the next Big Prize lined up after that, and, trust me, it's pretty damn cool.

Beautiful Gold: Tiger 135
So-So Silver: The Docs 133
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: The Bulldogs* 105


King Shit of Fuck Mountain 102 81
Gimmie a Tully 39
Ramrod* 13

* team started late or quit

This is going to look a bit stupid/obvious, but just to get people accustomed to the cumulative thing...

Cumulative Drinker's Points for the Next Big Prize - April 29, 2008

Tiger 135
The Docs 133
The Bulldogs 105
King Shit of Fuck Mountain 102 81
Gimmie a Tully 39
Ramrod 13

Note that Tiger's a couple of out of towners, thus will be unlikely to play again and that leaves things more open for other teams to step in. At the moment The Docs have the inside track.

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