Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last week's belated Secret Theme rounds

Yes, I'm a bit late posting this time; my apologies. Each group of 10 otherwise unrelated tough questions has a theme running through its answers. Can you answer the questions and figure out the themes? Answers will be posted early this week. I'm going to write four different Secret Theme rounds so that you can play more than one quiz per week, but I'm only going to post two here most weeks to cut down on that end of the work.

Dirty Frank's:

1) What song was written by folk singer Ewan MacColl in 1957, was recorded by Roberta Flack in 1969 and that recording of it became a huge hit in 1972?
2) What hardcore punk band was founded in 1980 in Reno, Nevada and are considered one of the early champions of Straight Edge?
3) What political/development term was first coined by French economist Alfred Sauvry in 1952?
4) What term meaning "the media" was coined by Edmund Burke in British Parliament, partially mocking the court of Louis XVI?
5) What's a simple word meaning 750ml of hard liquor?
6) What Manhattan thoroughfare is also known as the Avenue of the Americas?
7) What Protestant denomination was founded in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1863?
8) What Grammy-winning contemporary instrumental sextet is named after a line of poetry by Wallace Stevens?
9) What New Orleans area is also known as CTC, Cross the Canal or Cut Throat City?
10) What portion of the US Constitution makes it clear that authority not vested in the federal government is left to the states or the people?

... and what theme links the ten answers?

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

1) What song is track 1, side 1 of The Clash's 1979 US debut album, which had a radically different track listing in Britain when originally released in 1977?
2) What American band has released 21 albums since 1970, originally on Warner Brothers? They are from L.A. and have more of a cult following.
3) Who founded the Unification Church in 1954 and is still its head?
4) What Philadelphia kiddie TV host was actually named Joe Zawislak, and died prematurely young of a heart attack in 1979?
5) What airport, one of the world's busiest, uses the abbreviation EWR?
6) What element derives its periodic table abbreviation from its Latinized Greek name, Hydrargyrum?
7) Wht Marvel Comics character is queen of the fictional nation of Wakanda?
8) What celebrity was born in 1951 as Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner?
9) What was the name of the Tanner family dog on the sit-com Full House?
10) What Van Morrison song from 1970's Moondance was voted the #7 Best Song Ever Recorded by WXPN listeners?

... and what theme links the ten answers?
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