Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lil' Roy Rogers Hornsby wins First Anniversary extravaganza at Frank's, sets new all-time high score record in huge turn-out

Lil' Roy was impressive to put it mildly, winning in record fashion. It was great to see some new teams and some returning faces from last week. For the record, Tortured Fetuses earned the new Speed round extra point, so the 189 is most legit for posterity.

This game featured a few twists, including a 4-point round which had a chain of interconnected answers instead of a subject. That was just special for this anniversary contest, don't expect to see that again soon. The Speed round was self-referential, and I tried a "Stump the Quizmaster" 6-pointer at the end of the final round which was a bit awkward/slow in the verification department and therefore unlikely to be repeated.

I was happy to see the Marnie & Cara team win something after last week's debut debacle; if they become regulars I predict some wins. In the Schadenfreude department for you voyeuristic pervs, Group W has not won four weeks running now.

Beautiful Gold: Lil' Roy Rogers Hornsby 189
So-So Silver: Group W 176
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Marnie & Cara & David &... 162


Human Crapital Management 132
Kenya 116
Reportable Diseases 105
The Outtatowners 95
Don Quizzote 89
Tortured Fetuses 78
Monk* 52

* team started late and quit

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