Monday, March 10, 2008

Solutions to last week's Secret Themes

Lyon's Den:

The theme was cold; each answer contains a word which becomes a figure of speech with the addition of that word.

1) What band formed in Long Beach, CA in 1962 as The Contours, but became famous in 1969 with a name change and the addition of vocalist Eric Burdon? War / Cold War

2) What has been Ford's mid-sized sedan since 2006? Fusion / Cold fusion

3) Manfred Mann bassist Jack Bruce was also the bassist of what classic rock supergroup? Cream / Cold cream
4) What 32-bit video game console was introduced by Sony in 1994? PlayStation/ Coldplay
5) What university was formed in 1967 by the merger of two adjacent Cleveland colleges which dated to the 19th century? Case Western Reserve University / Cold Case

6) What 2006 animated film features the voices of Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams and Elijah Wood? Happy Feet / Cold feet
7) What WYSIWYG HTML editor came packaged with MS Office 1997-2003? FrontPage / Cold
8) What country covers the Anatolian Peninsula? Turkey / Cold turkey

9) What 1988 movie starred Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish and Lili Taylor? Mystic Pizza / Cold Pizza
10) What 1999 sci-fi flick featured Jamie Lee Curtis and was based upon a Dark Horse comic title?
Virus / Cold virus

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

The theme was the first ten James Bond movies, in order.

1) What 1987 thriller paired Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman? No Way Out / Dr. No
2) What 1990 spy movie paired Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Connery? The Russia House / From Russia with Love

3) What 2001 comedy was advertised with the tagline "This time you can't change the channel"? Freddie Got Fingered / Goldfinger

4) What 1990 box office hit featured Nicole Kidman as Dr. Claire Lewicki? Days of Thunder / Thunderball
5) What 1981 Jack Nicholson movie was advertised with the tagline "You Will Feel the Heat"? The Postman Always Rings Twice / You Only Live Twice

6) What rare film program with no fixed venue has been run in Philadelphia by Jay Schwartz since 1992? Secret Cinema / On Her Majesty's Secret Service

7) Who won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 1989 for his role in the movie Stand and Deliver? Lou Diamond Phillips / Diamonds Are Forever
8) What trashy 1965 horror film featured Tallulah Bankhead, Donald Sutherland and Stephanie Powers? Die! Die! My Darling / Live and Let Die

9) What 2000 romantic comedy/crime drama featured Liam Neeson as a DEA agent? Gun Shy /
The Man with the Golden Gun
10) What 1999 comedy was advertised with the tagline "First, he fought for the Crown. Now he's
fighting for the Family Jewels!"? Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me / The Spy Who Loved Me

Dirty Frank's:

The theme was Madonna hits. The first several are her first several hits sequentially.

1) What Sex Pistols single has a lyric referencing a
vacation to divided Berlin? "Holidays in the Sun" / "Holiday"
2) What psychological diagnosis, 301.83 on the DSM-IV, has nine distinct negative traits? Borderline Personality Disorder / "Borderline"

3) What successful fashion magazine, launched in 2000, is advertised as "The Magazine About Shopping"? Lucky /
"Lucky Star"
4) Korn, Lenny Kravitz, Gorillaz and The Spice Girls are all signed to what label? Virgin / "Like a Virgin"

5) What school of anthropological study examines objects to determine beliefs and social norms? Material culture / "Material Girl"

6) What Lakota Sioux leader was stabbed by bayonette while being arrested on September 5, 1877 and died of the wound? Crazy Horse / "Crazy for You"

7) What major league baseball franchise was purchased by cowboy star Gene Autry in 1960? Los Angeles Angels / "Angel"
8) Who was Haitian dictator 1957-1971? Papa Doc Duvalier / "Papa Don't Preach"
9) What Tupac Shakur screenplay is currently in production? Live 2 Tell / "Live to Tell"

10) What American magazine has had British Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour since 1988? (American) Vogue / "Vogue"

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