Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sofa Kingdom crushes competition in Ray's One Film event

Ho-hum, Sofa Kingdom waltzed into Ray's last night and destroyed the competition for the second time in 6 days. Only by making the quiz exceptionally difficult did I keep their score and the victory margin "down."

King Shit brought a large, fun team and also figured out the Secret Theme, which was good work on their part. Good to see youse guys back!

To the Ray's regulars: I promise more sports and less movies in coming weeks. Frankly I'm a little sick of writing and asking movie questions at the moment, following the Oscars round and few others thrown in at Lyon's Den and two all-movie quizzes at the other venues. That's about 115 movie questions in a little over a week. Enough! Tonight's quiz at Frank's might not have any, just to exercise the freedom of not having to do so...

In fact I'll now announce that I'll do a six-round baseball quiz at Ray's the first week of baseball season - how's that? This will not be presented in conjunction with any city department.

With the wrong time and address on the One Film, One Philadelphia flier, generally poor marketing of the event on that end (could we even put a description on the flier? ... too much to ask..?) and what is perhaps a poor concept from the start, there was not one single person drawn to either bar from the program. People did have fun though as best as I can determine, and although I didn't get nearly the number of DVDs I expected, I was able to supplement the prizes with stuff people wanted more out of pocket.

Beautiful Gold: Sofa Kingdom 155
So-So Silver: King Shit of Fuck Mountain & Friends 93
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Kisses 4 Kittens 73


Eeyore & the Ground Mushrooms 39
Jenni & Friend* 14

* team dropped out

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