Monday, March 31, 2008

Solutions to last week's Secret Theme rounds

Dirty Frank's:

The theme was seasons of Survivor.

1) From what country is pro golfer Vijay Singh? Fiji / Fiji
2) What obscure nation has the capital Palikir? (Federated States of) Micronesia / Micronesia
3) What basketball shoe was first made in Massachusetts in 1917? Converse All-Stars / Survivor All-Stars
4) What restaurant chain was founded in 1988 in Tampa, FL and now has more than 900 locations in over 20 countries? Outback Steakhouse / Outback
5) What rock band did former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron join in 1998? Pearl Jam / Pearl Islands
6) Who was born in December 1969 with the name Joan Marie Laurer? Chyna / China
7) What internet businessman was the Time Person of the Year 1999? Jeff Bezos / Amazon
8) Who released the influential hip hop single "Planet Rock" in 1982? Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force / Africa

9) Cuenca, Ecuador is the world center for making what item that you can wear? Panama hats / Panama
10) Who is the Sex Pistols' drummer? Paul Cook / Cook Islands

Drinker's Tavern:

The theme was King of the Hill.

1) What 1987 Vietnam War movie stars Dylan McDermott and Don Cheadle? Hamburger Hill / Hill family
2) What 20th century First Lady was born Claudia Alta Taylor? Lady Bird Johnson / Ladybird
3) What CBS sit-com ran 1998-2007, focusing on the Heffernan family? King of Queens / King of the Hill
4) Who was a member of New Edition until releasing his hit solo album King of Stage in 1987? Bobby Brown / Bobby Hill
5) What vocal group, inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, had a Top Ten hit with "Only You" in 1955? The Platters / Luanne Platter

6) What Estonian-born famed architect lived in Philadelphia for much of his life? The park at 11th & Pine Sts. is named after him. Louis I. Kahn / Kahn
7) What former Reagan and (elder) Bush speechwriter is now a Wall Street Journal columnist? Peggy Noonan / Peggy Hill
8) What college bowl game has been played annually in Dallas since 1937? Cotton Bowl / Cotton Hill
9) Who is the actor on The Simpsons who voices Apu, Moe and Chief Wiggum? Hank Azaria / Hank Hill
10) In NASCAR, who drives the #88 Mountain Dew car? Dale Earnhardt Jr. / Dale Gribble

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