Friday, March 21, 2008

Open baseball season with some baseball questions!

With the Phillies' home opener on March 31, I will be opening baseball season with 6 rounds of baseball questions that night at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, a decidedly diamond-mad institution. I will also have baseball-related give aways and such like.

The Subject round (only) for the other 3 quizzes that week will also be Baseball, and all different rounds so that you may play multiple games if you like. Huzzah, it is so declared!
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Anonymous said...

You are the man, Chris. Good idea to celebrate baseball season with baseball questions! (I just hope no drunken ass spells "Phillies", "E-A-G-L-E-S".) A Philly native, I find it hard to take football seriously. I just can't stand being spritzed with budweiser/saliva , say on a Wednesday evening, as some troglodyte proves he can still spell "eagles" after all these years.
Dare I say they're getting worse, not better?

QuizMasterChris said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm.

There are so many reasons that Philadelphia's been a football-first city for some time now. For one the Phillies were bad for years and not even terribly likable when good (Schmidt was never a fan fave, Dykstra no role model, who could really relate to an Abreu?). The A's left generations ago. The Phillies were the last team (I believe) to integrate in a city that's mostly non-white.

The Eagles have been competitive (under Reid) or at least highly entertaining (under Ryan) for almost 2 decades.

Now that there's a Phils team that's both on its way up, competitive *and* genuinely likable (Rollins, Howard, Victorino...) I think you'll see, and are seeing, a rebirth in baseball interest. I know that I've paid more attention the past 3 yrs than I had for many before that, and have worn Phils caps for the first time since grade school.

Enjoy the quiz(zes)!