Friday, August 3, 2007

Trying to catch up on blog entries...

I'm now 3-4 weeks behind in my blog entries, owing to the vacation. Let's try to rectify that. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

I don't seem to have the Ray's scores from July 10, or at least not handy. I recall that no records were set. My apologies for not having more info at hand.

The July 24 Ray's quiz was called off as there were only one or two teams. The July 17 quiz had a small turn out and some of my old MAGMA team won Deputy Dave's quiz handily. You folks missed out on some great questions! Dave writes a mean quiz.

The night I left, July 17 at Frank's, Sofa Kingdom won easily, scoring one of the highest scores ever in my format (note the list has been updated at right and there have been some big shake-ups). Scores from that night:

Beautiful Gold: Sofa Kingdom 180
So-So Silver: Lil' Roy Waller 155
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Satan's Helpers 153


Too Dirty Frank's 113
Stockholm, Skeezers & Craig 87
Lucky Balls 85
Andy* 84
Crumbsuckers 82
It Takes Two 79
My Girlfriend Works at Hooters... in the Kitchen * 69
Fat Kids Are Hard to Kiss 69
9-11 Was an Inside Job 54
Ell Steve* 38

* indicates team arrived late &/or quit

Kudos to Andy for arriving 2 rounds in, playing by himself and finishing in the middle of the pack!

More updates to come today and tomorrow!

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