Friday, August 3, 2007

Sofa Kingdom won 3 weeks in a row at Frank's

Quizzo Bowl III champs and all-around quiz terrors Sofa Kingdom won 3 consecutive weeks at Frank's. As described below, they posted an awesome 180 the night I left for vacation, then came back the next week and topped that with a third best all-time score of 184 in a quiz I wrote and left behind. The third week Deputy Jim wrote his own quiz (I wrote a 6-rounder with the usual rounds but he wanted to try his own thing with that). I have no idea what that format was, but I see from the scores that these folks won easily.

This week they didn't show up, which was a real shame as the competition was fierce and I think they would've had a run for their money. More on that later... It occurs to me that SK have never lost at Frank's, and I believe are 5-0!

Scores from both weeks I was gone from Frank's:

Beautiful Gold: Sofa Kingdom 184
So-So Silver: Off the Wallers 168
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Jimmy Grammy Kicks Ass 166


The Sharks 151
Once a Loser, 10,000 Times a Loser 136
Chris Hansen's L.A. Lawsuit 130
Bugg Bugg Bi 113
Mother Father Chinese 80
Bike Messengers with T-Square 70

I might have gotten some of those names wrong as it's not my writing I'm reading... High scores! Those were 95% my questions to my understanding - have I gone soft, or has the Frank's crowd gotten better at this?

Jim wrote a 4-round quiz for the second week:

Beautiful Gold: Sofa Kingdom 77
So-So Silver: We and V 61
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Booze Face No Disgrace 49


Spider-Pig 48
Drunkards 42

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