Monday, August 6, 2007

QuizMaster Chris swag now on sale!!!

Unlikely as it seems, I've opened an online store at which will allow you to purchase a number of QuizMasterChris items, including a variety of tee- and sweatshirts, thongs, tote and messenger bags, etc. I'm making that link a permanent feature of the right-hand column of the page for easy future reference.

Thus you may show your support of the quiz and the bars which are kind enough to host these fine events each week. I don't handle the printing nor the shipping, the fine folks at CafePress do. I've used them for other products in the past and have been pleased with their materials and service. Shop early and often!

1 comment:

Andy Breslin said...

I MUST have a quizmaster Chris thong. "The thong's the thing." Shakespeare said that, right? I could look it up, but that might involve reading, which is so tedious and un-instant gratification-y. Maybe this is why I don't do so well at the quiz.