Friday, August 10, 2007

Annual Dirty Frank's picnic on August 26

The annual Dirty Frank's picnic will be Sunday, August 26 11am-7pm at Lemon Hill in Fairmount Park.

It's a great deal; for $15 you can get all the food you can eat and beer you can drink, as well as participate in the Liquid Treasure Hunt, the Adult Pinata, the Three-Legged Race and all of the other fabtastic events. In addition you can even catch a free shuttle to and from the site from Frank's door, these leave at 11am and noon.

See any bartender now to reserve your spot, pony up the $15 and record your name as a participant...


Sheila said...

thanks so much for the beautiful promotions. i love your site. you are doing a great job. awesome! c ya weds. *hugs*


QuizMasterChris said...

You're very much welcome!