Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quiz qurse qontinues; Trotter cut from Birds

A few weeks ago at Frank's I had my first Crossword round. The clue for 19 Across was a 7 letter word for "EAGLE, OR HORSE?" with the answer TROTTER. Obviously horses are trotters and Jeremiah Trotter was a Philadelphia Eagle. Was, that is, until he was an answer to one of my questions. You can check out his personal site here.

It's just plain ol' bad news being the answer to one of my questions. Sometimes it ends in death, other high-profile people such as Trotter get off easier, merely being cut from the team they hoped to retire with very late in training camp. I tried making Dick Cheney the answer in two questions, one at each venue, a couple of weeks back, with no results thus far. If only I could focus these energies ...

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