Thursday, August 9, 2007

Answers to last week's Secret Theme rounds


The theme was former Philadelphia Eagles players. The Eagles player's name appears after each answer.

1) What civil rights leader coined the term "Black Power" in a 1967 speech?
Stokely Carmichael, not Malcolm X, who was killed in 1965. / Harold Carmichael
2) Which Pennsylvania county has the highest average household income?
Montgomery County/ Wilbert Montgomery
3) What highly successful 1975 movie is based upon a novel of the same title written by Peter Benchley?
Jaws/ Ron Jaworski
4) According to the classic rock band Cream, where do the shadows run from themselves? In the "White Room,"/ Reggie White
5) What TV advertising slogan is UPS currently using?
"What Can Brown Do for You?" / Jerome Brown
6) What character did Ron Howard play on Happy Days?
Richie Cunningham/ Randall Cunningham
7) Despite popular belief, what drug-related phrase never appears in any of the Sherlock Holmes stories written by creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
"Quick, Watson, the needle!" (read this excellent article!)/ Mike Quick
8) Who wrote Gone with the Wind?
Margaret Mitchell / Freddie Mitchell
9) What was a large portion of what came to be known as the State of Tennessee known as in the period 1784-1787?
Franklin / Tony Franklin, the 1980 Super Bowl team's barefooted kicker
10) Who published the abolitionist newspaper The North Star?
Frederick Douglass / Hugh Douglas


The theme was squares of the numbers 1-10. I accepted anything including "square numbers."

1) In 1971, the folk-rock duo Brewer & Shipley had their only Top 40 hit with a song that went to #10 on the pop charts. Name it.
"One Toke Over the LIne" / 1 is 1 squared
2) What vocal group, formed in Newark, NJ in 1955, had 30 Top 40 hits in the period 1962-1976?
The Four Seasons / 4 is 2 squared
3) What band's 1989 debut album was titled Pretty Hate Machine?
Nine Inch Nails / 9 is 3 squared
4) What 1984 film stars Molly Ringwold as Sam Baker?
Sixteen Candles / 16 is 4 squared
5) What NFL star has the nickname "The President?"
New Orleans' Reggie Bush, #25 / 25 is 5 squared
6) What Philadelphia Eagles running back played his college ball at Villanova?
Brian Westbrook, #36 / 6 is 36 squared
7) What 1966 novel features the character Oedipa Maas?
The Crying of Lot 49 / 49 is 7 squared
8) What Beatles song makes reference to three children named Vera, Chuck and Dave?
"When I'm Sixty-Four" / 64 is 8 squared
9) What group is Ralph "Sonny" Barger famously associated with?
Hell's Angels; their site explains their use of "81" / 81 is 9 squared
10) In the US you dial "0" for the operator. What number do you dial in Britain?
100 / 100 is 10 squared

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