Friday, August 31, 2007

This week's Secret Theme rounds

Can you figure out the themes in each group of 10 answers that link each group of otherwise unrelated trivia questions? Solutions will be posted later this week.


1) Aside from the elaborate seal at its center, what are the only two colors on Haiti's flag?
2) According to popular historical legend, what was the name of Paul Revere's horse on his famous midnight ride?
3) What's the brand name of Wrigley's cinnamon gum?
4) What was the Apollo 11 command module's name? (The Eagle landed on the moon; I want to know the orbiting module.)
5) Richard "Night Train" Lane was a Pro-Bowl defensive back who set the NFL record with 14 interceptions in a season in 1952. Which team did he play for?
6) What song was a #1 hit as an original for Tommy James & The Shondells in 1969, then a #9 hit as a cover for Joan Jett in 1982?
7) What animal is the mascot for the University of Missouri's teams?
8) What's the title of the Pennsylvania state song (as of 1990)?
9) What 1995 Disney movie about a rag-tag kids' sports team starred Steve Guttenberg and Olivia d'Abo?
10) What detective was created by Herman Cyril ("Sapper") McNeile in 1920?

... and what theme links the answers?


1) What 1987 film won both the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars?
2) What's the only world capital named after a ship?
3) What vocal group consisted of Bob Shane, Dave Guard and Nick Reynolds?
4) In what movie does a ship named the Venture visit Skull Island?
5) Who is former MLB pitcher Randy Moffitt's much more famous sister? No, she's not known by the name "Moffitt..."
6) In the original (1962) film The Manchurian Candidate, what card sends Laurence Harvey's character into a suggestable trance?
7) What was the name of Blackbeard's pirate ship?
8) On June 18, 1815, a man named Arthur Wellsley played a major role in changing world history. By what name do we know him better?
9) What California band had their only Top 40 hit (#5) in 1966 with the single "Psychotic Reaction"?
10) Who was the only person in the 20th century to have a country named after them while still alive?

... and what theme links the answers?

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