Friday, August 3, 2007

Did I kill Michelangelo Antonioni?

The last post used a photo of actor David Hemmings (who already died a few years back, and was therefore immune), star of Antonioni's best-known film, Blow Up, along with some mock dialog from that film. A few hours later, Antonioni dies.

Appearing as quiz questions or on the blog seems to do that to people. In my very first professional quiz I appear to have killed Peter Boyle by making him a quiz answer. A few hours later, dead. Jerry Falwell went to Hell a few days after I asked a Liberty University question. Apparently I can harness this power for Good.

Now, I know this all a big coincidence and I'm the last person to believe in the hoodoo, but just in case I'm thinking of making Dick Cheney an answer next week.

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