Monday, December 17, 2007

Satan's Minions wins big in large turn-out at Ray's

It seems whenever we get a head of steam going in Ray's Happy Birthday Bar turnout, the calendar conspires against us to throw an spanner in the works. This time we've got two Tuesdays falling on holidays and therefore no quiz after tomorrow's until January 8th.

One guy from the Johnny Goodtimes team Satan's Minions showed up at Ray's, played with an assortment of people at the bar, and combined to beat up on the Ray's quiz regulars. The winning team members willing to have their photo taken appear at left.

Beautiful Gold: Satan's Minions 146
So-So-Silver: Ad-Gymnauseum 114

Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Albuquerque Drive-Bys 112


Kisses for Kittens 107
Cosine of One 78
Peakoo 53

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