Monday, December 17, 2007

Group W wins by a nose

Honkies Group W tied non-honkies Kenya for the top score in the black music-themed Subject Round and maintained a very thin lead over Lil' Roy Screamed (using the nom de guerre Left-Handed Midget Lesbian Eskimo Albinos) for a victory. I think this quiz taught us that people of all ethnicities and belief systems can band together for a solid cause, such as attacking me. A depleted, smaller form of a somewhat sauced post-office party Sofa Kingdom went a shocking 0-for-10 in the Subject round and landed in fourth.

Beautiful Gold: Group W 151
Left-Handed Midget Lesbian Eskimo Albinos 149
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Kenya 111


Sofa Kingdom 92
Fantasy 82
Don Quizzote 81

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