Monday, December 10, 2007

Answers to last week's Secret Theme rounds

In both cases last week, only the winning team figured out the theme at each venue.

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

The game of Clue (or Cluedo).

1) What 1948 film was the first to give Alfred Hitchock both the production and direction credit? It's mainly remembered for unusually long continuous takes. Rope / Rope
2) What song by the British glam band Sweet was recorded in 1973 but hit #5 on the US charts in 1975? "Ballroom Blitz" / Ballroom

3) What nightclub, on West 45th St. in Manhattan until 1982, was the inspiration for a #1 song for Joey Dee & the Starliters in 1961? Peppermint Lounge, the song was "Peppermint Twist" / Lounge
4) What 2004 film starring Ben Kingsley and Aaron Eckhart had a plot of a serial killer killing other serial killers? Suspect Zero / Suspect
5) What does "WMDs" stand for, anyway? Weapons of Mass Destruction / Weapons
6) What '70s soul singer, inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame in 2004, is currently a preacher in Memphis, TN? Al Green / Mr. Green
7) What fruit becomes palinka, slivovitz or rakija when its wine is distilled in various parts of Eastern Europe? Plum / Professor Plum
8) What 2005 film stars Michael Keaton as an architect trying to communicate with his dead wife? White Noise / Mr. White
9) What was "Yperite," a World War I weapon introduced in 1917? Mustard gas / Col. Mustard
10) Which character in the Brit-com Are You Being Served? cast was most likely to start a chain of the question "Are you free..?" Captain Peacock / Mr. Peacock

Dirty Frank's:

The theme was Tarot cards; it so happens these were all "major arcana" but that level of detail was not necessary.

1) What American National Monument (named so in 1906) is called Mato Tipila in Lakota? Devil's Tower / The Devil and The Tower
2) Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter were founding members of what group? Justice League of America / Justice

3) Name the world's largest (most subscribers) Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game. World of Warcraft / The World
4) What 1997 film starred Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek? Fools Rush In / The Fool
5) What's the longest-running syndicated game show in US history? Wheel of Fortune /
Wheel of Fortune
6) What tech company invented NFS (Network File System), which allows computers to be networked? Sun Microsystems / The Sun
7) What 1912 Thomas Mann novel features the character Gustav von Aschenbach? Death in Venice / Death
8) What adventure comic strip's main character had an African sidekick named Lothar? Mandrake the Magician / The Magician
9) In what 1983 movie did Michael Douglas play Superior Court Judge Steven R. Hardin? The Star Chamber / The Star
10) What 1968 best-seller by Erich von Däniken asserts that human religions came from outer space visitors? Supposedly non-fiction, this was one of the best-selling books of the decade. Chariots of the Gods? / The Chariot
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