Friday, December 21, 2007

Can you figure out this week's holiday-themed Secret Theme round questions?

Each group of 10 otherwise unrelated tough questions has a theme running through their answers. Can you answer the questions and figure out the theme? This week both themes were holiday-related. Answers will be posted early next week.

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

1) What's the capital and largest city of Australia's island state Tasmania?
2) A ratio of 1:87 is specifically associated with what?
3) What Marvel Comics character was "trapped in a world he never made"?
4) What city has the fourth largest population in the United States?
5) Cash in the Attic and Offbeat America are prime time shows on what cable network?
6) What children's character has a dog named Doodles?
7) What 1991 movie starred Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and Robin Williams?
8) What company makes Ding Dongs and Suzy-Q's?
9) What radio personality recorded the 1970s comedy albums This Honky's Nuts and 1,200 Hamburgers to Go?
10) What CBS sit-com has a theme song recorded by The Solids, a band featuring two members who created the show?

... and what theme links the 10 answers?

Dirty Frank's:

1) What 1978 Stephen King novel features a virus nicknamed Captain Trips?
2) What noodle soup is a mainstay of Vietnamese cuisine?

3) What CBS TV series, on air 1994-2003, followed the characters Monica, Tess and Andrew?
4) What 1969 Top 40 single by James Brown starts with the line "Hey you all, look out, let a man come in..."?
5) According to the 2006 movie Idiocracy, what will be the most popular TV show in America in the future?
6) What 1997 movie features Ron Perlman as a mysterious janitor named Cliff?
7) What 1997 song is the best-selling CD single of all time?
8) Snoopy has a brother named Spike in a California desert town; name the town.
9) What cartoon was released in some markets as Space Cruiser Yamoto?
10) What's the subtitle of the Billy Joel song "Miami 2017"? Many people understandably think the song's subtitle is the title.

... and what theme links the 10 answers?

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