Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can you figure out last week's Secret Theme round?

This group of 10 otherwise unrelated tough questions has a theme running through its answers. Can you answer the questions and figure out the theme? Only one round this week owing to Christmas; Ray's Happy Birthday Bar quiz resumes on January 8th. Answers will be posted early next week.

Dirty Frank's:

1) What two San Francisco elected officials were killed by Dan White in 1978? Only one of the two has a name which fits the theme.
2) Who did the Philadelphia 76ers pick as the second overall NBA draft pick in 1997?

3) What 1993 U2 song contains the lyric
Midnight is where the day begins?
4) What 2000 movie starred Morgan Freeman, Renee Zellweger and Chris Rock?
5) What nuclear submarine was lost off the coast of Cape Cod in 1963 with a loss of 129 men?
6) In what 2004 movie did Danny Glover play Detective David Tapp?
7) What comic book villain is the alter-ego of Norman Osbourn?
8) What NBA franchise plays at the United Center?
9) For what 2002 movie was Keisha Castle-Hughes nominated for the Best Actress Oscar?
10) The world's highest waterfall is in Venezuela; name it.

... and what theme runs through the 10 answers?
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