Monday, December 17, 2007

The River Sirens prove that they are the smartestest people in the Delaware River Basin Commission

The Delaware River isn't there just for dumping motor oil. It's also there for battery acid, and tires. And the good people at the Delaware River Basin Commission help keep all of those elements well-mixed. This is, at least, my understanding of their function, but you might like to visit their website.

When they wanted an organized activity for their holiday bacchanal, they contacted me first. We had a pub-quiz-style throw down at the Brick Hotel in quaint Newtown, PA, despite the fears of the city fathers of the bad element that basin commissions are known to bring into a burg when they get rowdy. In the end everything turned out well, with the only minor disruption being a brief challenge to a knife fight from a visibly tanked Alycia Lane, who was soon escorted out by a team of burly female cops. I wonder how her weekend turned out with that start..?

It's clear that this group of women are the most smartest of all the people in the commission, and should be given charge of the Key to the River, or the biggest cut of the dredging graft or whatever of value isn't sitting on a Superfund site. Note that the woman-dominant team finished first and the all-male team last!

Scores were through five rounds, as we ran out of time there near the end. If you'd like to hire me to run a quiz at your office party, just contact me using the info at right.

Beautiful Gold: The River Sirens 113
So-So-Silver: Flying Food 101

Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Friday Lunch Bunch 94


Merry Sailors 85
Four Men and a Woman 80
The Sweathogs 78
Love That Dirty Water 47

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