Saturday, December 29, 2007

Group W comes out on top in huge Dirty Frank's Boxing Day turnout

This week's W-for-Group W is the one which has formed on British Prime Minister Tony Blair's forehead, an eagle-eyed contribution to the blog from reader and Lil' Roy Screamed team member John. Apparently people have surmised that the W might stand for George W. Bush, or, redundantly, "wanker."

Huge post-Xmas crowd at Frank's, and for 5 rounds it looked as if Lil' Roy Screamed, playing with the nom de guerre The Rural Juror, would walk away with the title. They crashed and burned in the final round, paving the way for another clear W victory. Newcomers Yabba Dabba Don't even nipped Roy for second.

It's been a great year, see youse all on January 2nd and every Wednesday thereafter.

Beautiful Gold: Group W 157
So-So Silver: Yabba Dabba Don't 129
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: The Rural Juror 128


But My Mom Says I'm Cool... 98
Kisses for Kittens 94
Don Quizzote 92
Spread 'Em Harry 88
Prime Ministers of the United States of America 87
Schluessels* 86
Marybeth & Ryan 86
3 + 1 79
Two-Handers 76
Solomon!* 63
Beaky, Schnoutt & the Fuzz 59
Danger High Voltage 33
The Urban Cougars* 24

* team started late &/or quit
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Group W said...

Group W assures the world that our W has never, ever referred to our wanker president. (eww)

QuizMasterChris said...

Reading that post again, it seems the W I referred to was unfortunately ambiguous. Of course I meant that Blair's W might stand for George W., not Group W's W. "The Times regrets the error."