Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twice-weekly quiz at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar a ripping success; three-way tie for first for the first time ever!

The first week of the new schedule has been an unqualified success. "Thanks to you, it's working!"

The quiz has been energized by a group of School District of Philadelphia teachers who are certain contenders. I attended the district myself, and they done learned me up plenty gud.

We had our first-ever three-way tie in a harder than usual quiz on Wednesday, with Clearview Mortgage, Late Room and Kisses for Kittens Plus Unicorns even at 87. The tie was broken by asking how many signers of the Declaration of Independence there were. The teams respectively answered 23, 30 and 27. The correct answer is 56.

Beautiful Gold:
Late Room 89 (OT)
So-So Silver: Kisses for Kittens Plus Unicorns 88 (OT)
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Clearview Mortgage 87 (OT)


The Castaways 74
Three's Company 57

On Monday we celebrated the birthday of long-time MAGMA member Laura with a series of questions about June 14th. The two quizzes are completely different and I see some are up for playing twice/week, which is fine by me. Scores follow...

Beautiful Gold: Tommy Punch Balls Tommy... 124
So-So Silver: Six Days Til Vacation 112
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: The Girls 87


Late Room 72

Edward James Almost 70
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