Sunday, June 22, 2008

Low scores, high turnout at Drinker's Tavern - you're still in the running to win the next tourney!

A vacationing couple of Mancunians won the first week of the tourney cycle at Drinker's this past week, but left the city for Boston on Friday. This means that they have the lead in this six-week cumulative points tournament cycle (grand prize: a leather golf bag plus a variety of trivia-related games and books supplied by yours truly), but that does them precious little good.

And, yes, I asked and they are Man United and not Man City supporters, I'm not just playing to stereotype with the graphic. I forgot to take a photo, which is a shame as that would have made nice bragging rights back home.

Turnout was unusually high but scores were low; you can discount the 72 points and 62 points is easily caught up with over a five-week period. Heck, some of you beat people by that much every week... Of course the gift cards, T-shirts etc. are available every week. Last tourney cycle's champs Dons Quizzote, represented with only one member this past week, are effectively in the lead with 62 measly points. It's anyone's golf bag after one week.

Cumulative Drinker's Tournament Points After One Week:

The Limeys 72
Don Quizzote 62
Spirit 56
Paradox XXX 76%ers 53
Extra Big 47
Frankenstein 42
Just Joined 21
Tinky Town 20

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