Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome 610 WIP listeners

QuizmasterChris trivia is now a new segment on Big Daddy Graham's 610 AM / WIP overnight show. It looks as if I'll be tossing out a trivia question per night.

Right now it looks like I'll be calling in at 2:30am Tuesday (I think of this as "tonight", you might consider it "tomorrow"), which gives you plenty of time after the Ray's quiz to tuck yourself in and turn on the radio.

If this is your first time on the site, welcome. The regularly scheduled days and locations for my four quizzes, all at 9pm, Sunday-Wednesday, all in Philadelphia, are listed at the top of the blog's righthand column. All of the quizzes are free to play and all of the bars hosting them offer great prizes - including generous gift certificates redeemable for your tab - as first, second and third prizes. The Tuesday night quiz at Drinker's Tavern also runs 6-week cycles in which you can win additional larger prizes with the highest cumulative point total through those weeks... this is on top of the weekly prizes!

I run six-round quizzes which run about 2 hours most nights. Additionally I can be hired to appear at your location to run a customized quiz by contacting me using the info at the upper righthand corner of the blog. Each of the four quizzes each week is composed of new material, so you could play all four and never get a question repeated. Basically I read questions I wrote earlier aloud verbally, and you and your team of up to six players consult with one another, argue among yourselves, write down and answer on the sheets I provide, and turn those in to be marked. We go through that cycle six times/night, then total the points and declare winners.

Trivia topics include sports, TV, movies, literature, art, history, geography and general knowledge Americana. They all start easy and get progressively harder. My special quirk in these quizzes is the fifth round, the Secret Theme round, in which I ask ten tough trivia questions whose answers are linked by a theme. Guess the theme correctly and I give you bonus points. Because this is a popular segment of my games, I like to post two of those rounds on this site per week, generally late in the week. On Monday or Tuesday I post answers and solutions.

The fourth round each week is called the Subject round, ten questions I announce the linking subject of approximately a week in advance on this site.

My contact info is also at right; feel free to shoot me an email or call. Some basic questions you might have about me or the quiz process can be answered on my FAQ post.
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