Friday, May 9, 2008

Time-saving general round-up of this week's quiz victors

Lyon's Den:

Beautiful Gold:
Team Lil' Baby Jesus 133

So-So Silver: Beck Street Boys and Girl 108
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: T.C.'s Womb Broom 105


Candyass 4:20* 39
I Want to Know What's Going On!* 6

* team started late

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar:

Here you see new champs Hermallater Kandimon, Sikathandreau Kandimon. Note that out of any three people, the two most likely to lift their shirts are the ones the general public would least like to do just that. They're holding an additional prize I gave them, a copy of the hilariously titled Winning Through Intimidation, which appears to be a less witty Gamesmanship, the latter book and its two sequels being ones I highly recommend.

Beautiful Gold: Hermallater Kandimon, Sikathandreau Kandimon 126
So-So Silver: Kisses for Kittens 124
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Optimus Prime 97


King Zadok! 96
Edward James Almost 69

Dirty Frank's:

Beautiful Gold:
Group W 140

So-So Silver: Lil' Roys 131
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Dons Quizzote 112


Emperors of Ice Cream 52
Peter, Paul & Mary 51
The Shuttle 38
Cincinnati Bowties 24
Short Pants* 20
Esti de Tabarnak* 6

* team started late or quit

Two drunken idiots - both female and far too old for this sort crap - wouldn't stop shouting answers at Drinker's this week. First the people there to play the quiz started leaving in the first round, then I did. I'm not a bouncer. My new policy is that if any bar is OK with hanging me out to dry in dealing with drunks, I get up and leave. Why have a quiz if you can't let the people who enjoy it play?
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