Thursday, May 1, 2008

Herbal? No Thanks! - you are now about to witness the strength of tea rap

I'm not a coffee guy. Never have been, never will be. I drinks more tea any man ever seen (apologies to Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf) however, and am willing to put up with the string hanging out of the cup and the additional wait time in office "coffee" areas to get it. Some things are worth the extra effort. You can have your quickie with your coffee strumpet; I shall romance my caffeine from Lady Tea.

I appear not to be alone in my tea-over-coffee preference. I'm not just talking about most of Asia, Africa, the British Isles and large parts of Continental Europe. I'm talking about white folks here in the States too, where we tea drinkers are a minority.

Imagine my glee when my friend Dave B., head of the Texas branch of Quizmaster Chris Deputy Infotainment Irregulars, forwarded me a decidedly British pro-tea rap. This is, apparently, Mr. Elemental:

The "Herbal? No thanks!" bit is pure genius. In fact on the whole I think this is the cleverest of the green, leafy tea rap crop.

Years of coffee drinker domination has driven North American tea fanciers to try to subvert the dominant beverage paradigm with a tea rap all their own. Steep this, beanface:

Had enough? No you haven't. You need to rock steady Martha's Vineyard stylee with the "Tea Par-tay."

East Coast in da house! Needless to say, out on the Left Coast they like their protein soy and their chai green.

Tea. It's what's for dinner.

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