Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Solutions to last week's Secret Theme rounds

Drinker's Tavern:

The theme was types of salad.

1) What baseball Hall of Famer had a lifelong business relationship with Coca-Cola, accumulating 20,000 shares of stock and three bottling plants by the time of his death? Ty Cobb

2) Name the two old hecklers in the balcony of The Muppet Show. Statler & Waldorf

3) What were the first words spoken by Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? "Mmmm... Juicy Fruit."

4) What PBS show, produced by WGBH Boston, has had only four hosts since its debut in 1975, the first and longest-running being James Underwood Crockett? The Victory Garden

5) What Emmy Award-winning prime time TV show uses the Massive Attack song "Teardrop" as a theme? House, MD

6) What was Philadelphia mob boss Philip Testa's nickname? "Chicken Man"

7) In what classic 1931 film did Edward G. Robinson play a mobster named Rico? Little Caesar

8) What Swiss auto manufacturer existed 1896-1919? Egg, a.k.a. Egg &
9) In 1969, this band featuring Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassidy broke off from Jefferson Airplane; name it. Hot Tuna

10) What still-popular toy was invented in the early 1950s by George Lerner, becoming a hit upon its sale to Hasbro in 1952? Mr. Potato Head

Lyon's Den:

The theme was international units of currency.

1) What rock musician wrote the soundtracks to the movies The Princess Bride, Wag the Dog and Last Exit to Brooklyn, among others? Mark Knopfler / German and other marks

2) In which Sergio Leone spaghetti western did German actor Klaus Kinski play a bad guy named Wild? For a Few Dollars More / many nations use the dollar

3) What pitcher shared both the 2001 World Series MVP and the Sport's Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award with Randy Johnson? Curt Schilling / Austrian schilling

4) What American poet, who attended the University
of Pennsylvania, died in exile in Italy in 1972? Ezra Pound / British and other pounds
5) What central figure in South American independence movements was at different times the president of Bolivia, Peru and Gran Colombia? Simon Bolivar / Venezuelan Bolivar
6) What Asian stereotype was played by Gedde Watanabe in 1984's Sixteen Candles? Long Duk Dong / Vietnam uses the dong; here's a dong photo (!) I took on vacation a few years back:7) What do you call the flat-bottomed boats commonly pushed along the Thames with poles instead of rowed with oars? punts / Irish punt
8) In Latin, Portuguese, Spanish and Scandinavian languages this is the word for our sun. What is it? Sol / Peru uses the Nuevo Sol

9) What self-described lesbian folk singer was once the vocalist for the L.A. punk band Nervous Gender, and had the decent-selling major label album I Enjoy Being a Girl in 1989? Phranc / French, Swiss and other francs

10) What was invented by an American named Ron Karenga in 1966? Kwanzaa / Angola uses the kwanza

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