Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Urgent: Call Mayor Nutter Today and Demand He Save Philly WiFi

I was passed this by the Media Mobilizing Project. Do consider calling; it's much less painful than it sounds. A couple minutes of your time, really.

It appears the network is facing a June 12 discontinuation date. What's particularly troubling is that Nutter sponsored the City Council bill giving Comcast a monopoly in the city, and seems generally to want to do this Big Evil Corporation's bidding, such as cutting business taxes while eliminating working folks' tax credit. A little bought off, maybe? Methinks so. Always good to remember the distinction between "Democrat" and "liberal" when dealing with the Two Corporate Parties.

When: Today May 21st 9AM-5PM
Phone Number:
(215) 686-3000 or (215) 686-2250

Dear friends,

As many of you know, over the last several months Media Mobilizing Project has been waging a fight to ensure that digital inclusion (or universal broadband access to the internet) remains a priority of Mayor Nutter's administration. We believe that universal broadband access to the internet is vital for all people and that the city should make it a top priority to ensure Philadelphians have access to the economic, social, cultural and political opportunities the internet offers.

As has become increasingly clear over the last several months, Mayor Nutter does not share this position.
As part of our organizing efforts, we are calling for a mass Call In to Mayor Nutter's Office today, Wednesday, May 21, for Philadelphians to demand that the mayor keep digital inclusion a priority for the city.

Also, it's important that Philadelphians urge the mayor to prevent EarthLink from dismantling the city's wireless network while efforts are underway to identify a new entity to run the network.
For more information check out MMP's oped in today's Metro and a story on the call-in in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Call Mayor Nutter! We appreciate your joining us in making this call today and ensuring that communication rights is amongst the ensemble of human rights that Philadelphians enjoy.


Media Mobilizing Project
4134 Lancaster Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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