Friday, January 11, 2008

Group W thus far undefeated at Frank's in 2008

I'm woefully behind in updating the blog, so let me recap the past two weeks at Dirty Frank's.

January 2nd had a predictably low turnout, what with being the night following New Year's Eve and the Mummer's Parade, and as if that weren't enough having been the coldest, rawest night in a year. Only the hardest-core quiz junkies showed up to play.

This past Wednesday night might have been the best game ever at Frank's. Big crowd, good vibe, many teams, lots of competition, lead changes and suspense right up until the end. Let's keep that going!

Sizzle Chest went up early and started pulling away from the pack, dropped in the fifth round and never climbed back into the prize money. Einstein... (Lil' Roy Screamed) went up by less than a question in the fifth but couldn't hold on. Group W only had a 5 after the first round, had an awful third, were in the bottom half of the pack, then clawed their way up to narrow victory. Who among you shall defeat them?

January 2

Beautiful Gold: Group W 132
So-So Silver: Lil' Roy Screamed 118
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Better Than a Handjob 73


Don Quizzote y Dulcinea 61
Team Scramble Dash! 59

January 9

Beautiful Gold: Group W 139
So-So Silver: Einstein Disguised as Robin Hood 136
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Sir Champs a Lot 118


Don Quizzote 104
Sizzle Chest 95
Better Than a Handjob 92
Alex, I'd Like to Buy a Vowel for $200... 88
Wombats 63
The Only "A" I Ever Got Was Hepatitis 61
Injustice League 53
Dr. Awkward (Palindrome) 50
Weed 49

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