Thursday, January 24, 2008

Group W remains undefeated in 2008; W has won 7 straight, has not been part of a losing effort since Thanksgiving

The night before Thanksgiving 2007, Group W finished fourth, and only two points ahead of fifth. The next week they teamed up with part of Sofa Kingdom to form the Gofa Wingdom superteam and won. Since then they've won seven in a row. This is becoming absurd.

Two weeks ago Lil' Roy Screamed was leading after five rounds and looked poised to end the streak. I marked Roy's paper incorrectly, accidently cheating them out of 6 points, with W pulling ahead by 6 in the final round. Jim from Roy caught my mistake, which put the teams in a tie.

My tiebreaker was to guess the height of San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid, the tallest building in that city, in feet. The closest team would win. Roy went with 985' and W with 975'. The precise measurement is 853'. Thus W continued the streak by a lousy 10 feet.

This week I thought I'd knock W down a bit with a round of Asian Cuisine questions in the Subject round. Not only did a couple of Sofa Kingdom players join W for the game, but a Kingdom girlfriend who is Asian-American played with them as well. W and Roy tied for the best scores that round with 8 of 10, and Group W cruised to another win overall.

Can anyone out there take them down..?

Your scores from the past two weeks at Dirty Frank's, starting with last week:

Beautiful Gold: Group W 138 (OT)
So-So Silver: What's in a Name (a.k.a. Lil' Roy Screamed) 137 (OT)
Shameful, Shameful Bronze:
Don Quizzote y Sancho Anza 123


Cum Juicey 105
Fantasy 103
Miller Low Lives 83
Hot Cops 82

This week...

Beautiful Gold: Group W 169
So-So Silver: Lil' Roy Screamed 155
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Sir Chomps-a-Lot 146


Blind Moose 122
Don Quizzote y Sancho Anza 103
Fantasy 102
Tass & Itties 86
I Has About 80
Clones* 18
Battle* 2

* team quit

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