Monday, April 12, 2010

Your author is not popular over at

Only a matter of time I suppose: American insists Scotland is not a country. See, it's important to note that I'm American, because then you don't need facts. You can just dismiss anything I say. I really don't think they were expecting me to actually appear in the thread when discussing me and linking to this blog. Speak of the devil...

What's funny is that I laid out what I think is a pretty tight argument over a few lonnnnng posts now that I've been arguing this for nearly a year, and now that I did no one seems all that eager to discuss the facts themselves. What I think is the final nail in the coffin - and why didn't I think of this a year ago? - quoting the 1707 Act of Union which melded the Kingdom of England (which by that point included Wales) and Kingdom of Scotland into Great Britain/ the United Kingdom. It's a little hard to tap dance around that particular room elephant.

On the plus side, I got a nice little positive link to the same material on the Geography portion of, the editor of which is as sick of getting attacked for pointing out the obvious as I am. In fact they've been riding him since 2004 so I suppose I don't even know what "tired of" means yet.

I'm learning a whole new slew of British insults, though, so this isn't a total waste of time. I'm apparently a berk and a Yank oik, the latter of which if I recall correctly largely composed Sauron's armies in Lord of the Rings.

The reader might be interested to know that, which is apparently owned by a Pennsylvania company (?!), has acheived full independence from, which pushes credit cards and insurance. Progress is being made!
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