Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tournament standings after the second week of play

These are the overall standings after two weeks. Cumulative totals will be posted weekly.

Once again I sifted out low-scoring teams we don't see at most quizzes on the assumption that they wont be factors, but still have a record of their scores should they return with some degree of success.

Below I've color-coded the teams by bar; keep in mind there will be one overall winner. In the cases in which teams have a general tendency to re-use a name or variations on a name I've listed them below by that usual name instead of what they happened to use this week.

Red = El Camino Real
Orange = 12 Steps Down
Green = The Draught Horse

The Nudist Balloonists 291
Nation of Quizlam 280

Lil' Roy 273
Boston Tea-Bag Party 254
Parent Thesis 247
Thundercats Ho! 238
Northern Iowa Killed Our Brackets 230
Kensington Hookers Against Cockfighting 227
King Shit of Fuck Mountain 222
Evile Ukrainian Penguins 206
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 205

Rape Factory 196
Shrine of the Silver Monkey 196
Those Four Assholes at the Bar 194

Big Bushy Beard Like Merlin 192
Wallbangers 186
Pies = Punches 175
Clumsy Pelicans 148
Schweddy Balls 125
Wanton Negligence 113
Just Because I Dress Like a Nazi... 112
Fightin' Blue Cocks 106
The Booyesses 98
Does the Pope Shit in the Woods? 97
Zeta Jota 91

The Help 78
Team Primo 74
Dee Donley 67

Quizzie McGuire 61

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