Thursday, April 22, 2010

Four teams still alive in tournament - tonight decides it!

After last night, these are our standings.

Has the lead after 5 games:

Lil' Roy 649

Boston Tea-Bag Party was the only other team to leapfrog Nation of Quizlam this week thus far, but as Lil' Roy has a higher score by more than 20 points the teabaggers are eliminated.

Still alive with one to play:

Nation of Quizlam 598
The Nudist Balloonists 557
Thundercats Ho! 510


- Nation of Quizlam's magic number is 178; that or anything above guarantees at least a tie for victory regardless of what anyone else does.

- Lil' Roy need NoQ to score no more than 51 points, Nudist Balloonists to score no more than 92 and Thundercats Ho! to score no more than 139.

- Nudist Balloonists need to beat NoQ by at least 41 and Thundercats to not outscore them by anything over 47 points, all while scoring at least 92.

- Thundercats Ho! need a score of at least 139 and for the two other Temple teams currently above them to decide to do shrooms tonight.

Our highest score thus far this week in both of the other bars was 132; this appears to be a tougher than usual quiz, although you guys at The Draught Horse get a unique Subject round that I have no idea how well you'll do on. I am bringing the Prize Package tonight on the assumption a Temple team walks away with this.
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