Monday, April 26, 2010

Nation of Quizlam scores 180, adds 32 points to lead in final week of tournament and wins easily

In the end it was not only not close but not close to being close; NoQ scored a 180 and pretty much had the tournament wrapped up by the fourth round on Thursday night.

It looks as if the top two teams in the tournament really stocked up on additional players in the last week. I'll tell you, it really doesn't make a difference. Four people score more than two and six might do a little better than four, but honestly twelve people don't do much better than six.

Three of the top four squads in the tourney ended up being from The Draught Horse, which almost makes me regret all the Temple University academic jokes I toss out during the quiz. (Almost; if you saw the same spelling and guesses on answer sheets I do every week from the non-top teams, you'd wonder out loud how Temple gets accredited too...)

The Nudist Balloonists actually lost ground in the final week but finished a strong second. Lil' Roy as I expected over at 12 Steps was very much alive in the final week. They still hold the record for the highest score ever in this format with a 189. Thundercats Ho! finished an impressive fourth overall. Most of the final 9 teams coming into the last week honestly screwed the pooch in week five, and I won't upset them by running through the sordid details.

NoQ is seen below digging through the Prize Package I put together. It appears that I knew my audience and, lo and behold, geeks like geek stuff. I say this as a fellow geek. The Draught Horse was kind enough to also throw in an NHL Winter Classic hockey stick signed by Chris Pronger of the Philadelphia Flyers, not just a professional athlete but one people have heard of. This week? No more tourney play but the usual prizes at all venues. See you at the quiz.
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