Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baseball is back, and dominates the subject rounds this week

A few people have emailed or asked in person about what would be the third annual Ray's Happy Birthday Bar All-Baseball Quiz. The quiz is basically dead over at Ray's through lack of general interest among bar regulars in anything other than staring forward and drinking, or reruns of 24 and Lost. (If you were to combine those two shows by the way... that's what the daytime regular crowd experience is pretty much like...)

So I asked my old friend Paulie about doing the all-baseball quiz as a one-off and he says we should shoot for doing it during the All-Star break. Sounds good to me.

Tuesday, April 6, 9:00pm
El Camino Real
1040 N. 2nd St.
(2nd St. below Girard Ave.)
Subject Round: BASEBALL I

Wednesday, April 7, 7:30pm
12 Steps Down
9th & Christian Sts.
Subject Round: BASEBALL II

Thursday, April 8, 9pm
The Draught Horse
Broad St. & Cecil B. Moore Ave.
(Temple University campus)
Subject Round: BASEBALL III

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