Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nation of Quizlam brings solid but beatable lead into last week of tournament

And then there were nine!

I've whittled the list down to only those teams with a mathematically possibility, however remote, of walking away with this. One team has an excellent chance, some of you need Nation of Quizlam to falter and have an A+ performance of your own, and some of you as you can see are relying upon what the insurance industry considers "acts of God." Best of luck to everyone.

The Prize Package will consist of some very cool books, games and music to tantalize the mind and revive the spirit, including a 110 year old humor tome, the oldest book I've ever given away. Dependent upon how scores shape up I'll do the actual awarding either Thursday night or the following week.

Red = El Camino Real
Orange = 12 Steps Down
Green = The Draught Horse

Nation of Quizlam 598
The Nudist Balloonists 557

Parent Thesis 539
Boston Tea-Bag Party 523
Lil' Roy 517

Thundercats Ho! 510
Big Bushy Beard Like Merlin 438
Those Four Assholes at the Bar 426

Evile Ukrainian Penguins 382

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