Friday, October 5, 2007

Mad About Saffron edges Group W at Frank's

In a tough quiz, Mad About Saffron rallied to nip quiz titans Group W by less than a single latter round question. "Quite rightly!" Newcomers Herpetic Albinos had a strong third place finish despite an apparent series of maladies; hope they come back. My apologies for having to shout down a different drunken critic this week. The Frank's jackass minority seems to be platooning that role with more success than the Phillies do third base. Kudos to Shuggie from Birmingham, who played by himself, is visiting from another country, still beat a few teams of as many as 5 people and knows his state capitals better than the average American.

Beautiful Gold: Mad About Saffron 151
So-So Silver: Group W 149
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Herpetic Albinos 92


Shuggie from Birmingham, England 73
The Lightbulbs 71
The Specialists* 70
Lone Wolfs [sic] 69
Megan Looks Smokin' Tonight 32
ACG Inc.* 19

* indicates teams dropped out

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