Friday, October 26, 2007

Fight Them on the Beaches... wins big at Frank's

The Off the Wallers/Lil' Roy Screamed team which changes its name frequently went with a long moniker beginning with the phrase Fight Them on the Beaches... and ending with ... Fight Them in the Bars, and triumphed. Oddly enough the Secret Theme round featured a D-Day question, and one about the codenames of the beaches at that.

I thought that after acing the Subject round ("Haute Cuisine"), it was finally going to be a victory for Voice of Geddy Lee, but no dice. That same round helped knock Group W out of the top spot for the first time in a few weeks. Trust Me... languished near the bottom of the pack in the easiest rounds, then gained all sorts of ground in the two hardest; go figure.

Beautiful Gold: Fight Them on the Beaches... 159
So-So Silver: Voice of Geddy Lee 146
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Group W 134


Trust Me, I'm a Doctor 122
Shart through the Heart 96
Joe Log 62
Wacka Wacka 61
Treo* 48

* team quit


Gianni said...

I don't think anybody was as surprised that our team won than I was. I was a guest member of the team -- not even from the city, matter of fact -- and only working with them for the second time ever. I had been sure as well that Voice of Geddy Lee would prevail, or that Group W would make some kind of triumphant comeback. Instead, I was shocked -- SHOCKED -- when our team was announced as the victors. Its a good group, and next time I'm in town, I hope I get to team with them again.

(The guy in the Red Sox shirt)

QuizMasterChris said...

Thanks for playing, Gianni! Hope to see you again. I thought Geddy Lee would run away with it after going 10-for-10 in the Haute Cuisine, but alas no...