Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group W beats impressive field in high-scoring contest

W, pictured at left, scored an awesome 170 in a hard quiz to top a field of teams which I believe set a new record for highest mean score at any venue. Well done, everyone! Sofa Kingdom came back from two tough middle rounds to send Bob Loblaw, who were leading the contest most of the night, to a disappointing third. The shocker of the night was last week's champs Mad About Saffron finishing dead last among teams who played all 6 rounds. I was also surprised to see newcomers Thin Client walk out of the bar after looking like they were a shoe-in to win something with a score of 101 after five rounds; I imagine they had to get up early or something.


Beautiful Gold: Group W 170
So-So Silver: Sofa Kingdom 147
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Bob Loblaw 145


Pickle Tits 129
Mad About Saffron 118
Thin Client* 101
Team Fortron, the Conquerer* 19

* team quit

How's this for weird? Team Fortron [sic] scored a 1 in the Easy Round, then went a room-best 9 for 10 in the Before/After Round, and then decided to celebrate that success which put them right back in the game by dropping out of the contest. What would B.F. Skinner make of that one?

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