Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Comments on blog now "Word verification"-free

Comments have been pretty sparse on this blog since the beginning. Apparently part of the problem is the annoying "Word Verification" (when you're asked to type a string such as "GKSDXFAJ" before a comment goes up.) I know that I have to do this twice every time I make an initial post, but it works the first time when I update a post. It's a pain even when it works right the first time, and seems to have kept some people from commenting when it hasn't.

Well, acting on a tip from another blogger who uses Blogger (i.e. Blogspot, what's enabling you to read this now), I've done away with that. From now on instead of moderation-free commenting (which requires the Word Verification to defeat spambots), the comments will all be emailed to me first for approval. Don't worry, I'll approve everything but spam (very rare this happens), and I check email regularly. There's no censorship here on the ol' Infoporium.

We lose one convenience but hopefully gain more comments, which was part of the whole idea of the blog from the start. If this doesn't work out I can easily switch it back. If anyone has any comments about this... well, you know what to do...


Rose Muffin College Alum said...

Love the new format, QuizMaster!

QuizMasterChris said...

Thanks. I hope it increases both traffic and the level of user experience.