Saturday, September 1, 2007

Adventures in coincidence

It's a big ol' honkin' coinky-dink that the same fairly darn obscure question that I posted August 9th about the erstwhile "State of Franklin" would show up as a sample question on Johnny's page on August 29th as a question he asked a week earlier. I imagine it's less of a coincidence that both links point to the same URL, seeing as that's the first page you get doing a Google search; in fact that bit is even likely.

(How'd I even see this post, you ask? I'm having a rare lazy Friday and thought I'd check out the Goodtimes site for some Phillies fans-Mets fans chatter following the Phils' incredible 4-game sweep. I was hoping to find the resident Mets fan on the site more contrite, but he was not... damn Mets fans!)

I'm posting 20 questions/week & he's posting at least 5 or 6. I don't even know how to approach calculating the odds of any overlapping from one week to the next, considering that the field of possible questions seems limitless. Let's just say that the odds seem staggering, so this is cool because it's so darn unlikely in a Robert L. Ripley kinda way.

Note that I've put this post up and taken it down a few times; it seems accusatory but I can't say as it's an accusation of anything particularly nasty. A good question is a good question and a source is a source (of course, of course...) I've been told that the US courts have ruled you can't even copyright trivia questions if you wanted to, and that's really a good thing when you get down to it it terms of information flow. I'm just happy that this didn't happen the other way 'round chronologically so that no one out there in Philadelphia trivia circles can give me crap about it.

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