Sunday, September 2, 2007

Spoonfeeding Cassanova crushes Sofa Kingdom on night of really bad vibes at Frank's

Before tackling the quiz itself, I have to mention the fact that I was physically attacked at Frank's by a drunken asshole. Every week I do the quiz there the same jerk-off literally makes 20, 30, 40 or more loud, insulting comments aimed at me or anyone actually enjoying the quiz, 95% of which I've ignored as best I can. In any other bar this person would have been flagged a very long time ago; I don't understand how I'm supposed to do the job I was hired to do or why any good customers are expected to sit through that crap. This week he started in on me before I even set up, insulted loudly everyone who participated in the quiz (you're all "fucking nerds"), shouted at least one answer in the Easy round and eventually, thankfully, the bouncer told him to shut the hell up, unprompted by me.

Five minutes after that admonishment he threatened to hit me, at which point I flew off the handle and told him to shut his face, that I was sick of listening to his crap every freakin' week. At this point he made a lunge for me, I made no real attempt to defend myself other than ducking (as this would be "fighting," as opposed to what should be but I knew would not be viewed as a bad customer attacking a person trying to do a job), and two of the Frank's bouncers (Captain, on duty, and Billy who fortunately was just around - thanks gents!) shoved the ape out of the bar before he got a second shot in.

The good news here is that after I made a fuss about it said ape is now flagged from the bar on Wednesday nights, so none of you have to worry about things from that quarter again. I'm not sure what a person has to do to get flagged permanently, but apparently attacking a part-time employee isn't on the list.

This all followed a woman shouting two answers in the Easy round - the same drunken woman who spilled most of her shot of Jaegermeister on my lap while I was setting up ten minutes earlier, the same woman who kept asking me to run karaoke even after I made it plain that I had no karaoke equipment. This low-budget Paris Hilton was in a crowd of people I repeatedly invited to join the game, and the same group I repeatedly asked not to shout answers if they weren't playing because I had an accurate feeling they would be active pricks. If you're wondering why I get frustrated with some people sometimes, look no further.

As if this weren't enough, some rocket scientist sitting at the bar repeatedly threatened to kill the fellow sitting next to him (they were close so I could hear this), in a creepily calm voice, and eventually had to be asked to remove himself. Some nights are just easier than others. This was a much, much harder one.

Initially I struck two of the three shouted Easy answers from the first round, but the teams that were really there to play would have gotten all of them correct so I'm retroactively adding those points below. This gives Spoonfeeding Cassandra the last place on the All-Time Top 10 list, the only team to notch a position there in the whole of August. The team was large and featured the core of Off the Wallers plus half of Group W against an expanded Sofa Kingdom. Has the Kingdom ever lost a contest by 34 points before?! The lads are now 7-2 at Frank's. Scores follow; I hope to see more people following this slow summer.

Beautiful Gold: Spoonfeeding Cassandra 174
So-So Silver: Sofa Kingdom 140
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Helen Palsgraf* 65


Chocolate Baby Jesus* 22
Martin's Bitches* 9
Taz* 9

* teams arrived late &/or decided to get the hell out after the quizmaster was attacked

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