Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Lyon's Den quiz this Sunday; bar considering changing nights or ending quiz

Just when some traction was being gained at the Lyon's Den quiz in terms of teams coming back for the quiz, we're transitioning away from the quiz... maybe.

You might have noticed that new management has brought about a great revamped kitchen (the food is 100% better!), some new furnishings, and I have to say a somewhat nicer/less rowdy atmosphere. I live pretty close and will be eating there sometimes regardless of what happens with the quiz.

This coming Sunday the NFL season starts (I have the Birds at 11-5 and in the playoffs, you read it here first). Management has decided to see if Sunday night football draws more people than the quiz. The Eagles will play twice on Sunday nights early in the season, and the last third of the season the league reserves the right to jigger the schedule around for maximum ratings. Apparently the NFL isn't satisfied with having viewers only 7 hours per day. At least I'm not bumped by arena football, which would be devastating.

There will be no quiz this Sunday. The bar and I are on good terms, and I'll be speaking with people next week; one of the following things will eventually happen:

- Football might not draw and the quiz will come back.


- The quiz will move to a different night at an earlier time to meet my schedule.


- There won't be a quiz at the Den.

If you'd like the quiz on Sunday and/or would come out earlier on any night that isn't Wednesday, be sure to let someone at the bar know. Sunday was never my idea to begin with; I always wanted to do Thursdays. I recently pitched the idea of Monday and thereby cutting Ray's down to Wednesdays, but Monday Night Football means no dice. Such are the scheduling problems of the one-room bar.

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