Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kisses for Kittens has three-week win streak

K4K has a little dynasty going at Ray's Wednesday nights, notching three consecutive Beautiful Golds.  This has been overlooked in my blog hiatus.  This week we had a full house  which manifested itself in just three teams.  Your scores from Ray's just for the past three Wednesdays, in reverse chronological order:

Kisses for Kittens  132
The Georgian Military Juggernaut  130
Amoeba Frohawk  128

Kisses for Kittens  97
Another One Bites the Aerosolized Anthrax Dust  72
Quizzie McGuire   66

Kisses for Kittens  142
Late Room  127

Mondays have had extremely uneven turnout.  A month ago it was busier than Wednesday, now we're hobbling along.  Consider stopping by.
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