Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Announcing the Draught Horse quiz!

A few months ago The Draught Horse asked me about hosting a quiz when school was back in session on Thursdays. I'm happy to announce that September 11 will be the first quiz at this great Temple U. bar.

Just as soon as I can come up with some mnemonic so that people can remember that date, perhaps never forget it, I'll let you know. Maybe I'll get some bumper stickers or t-shirts printed to remind you of the date. If you see anyone sporting that sort of promo material (something classy like "NEVER FORGET 9/11", with like... a cool anthropomorphic eagle or, um... Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on a Quran, but he has, like, this wicked cool completely not-Calvin evil smirk) between now and then, that was me pushing the new Draught Horse quiz. And if you see someone with a tattoo like that... dude, that person is totally going to be at the new Draught Horse quiz. That's the kind of marketing genius you're dealing with here, and that's the level of devotion people will be bringing to Thursday nights.

Sam Adams will be a sponsor - you can expect drink specials, premiums and three generous gift certificates for the top three teams each week.

The bar is located at 15th St. & Cecil B. Moore Ave., and will have the late start time of 9:30 to catch the grad and law students following their last classes.

It seems that I'll have some very cool sound and stage options for the quiz, and will be using that to maximum advantage. The general format will remain the same.
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