Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dons Quizzote win at Drinker's, take tournament lead

This Tuesday was the busiest Drinker's game ever I'm happy to report.  Lots of teams and lots of people who seemed really into it, what with the cheering and yelling.  Two-time tourney champs Dons Quizzote both won this contest and took an overall tournament lead halfway into this cycle.

Beautiful Gold: Dons Quizzote  112
So-So Silver: Brooke and Others  101
Shameful, Shameful Bronze:  Mosquito Stripe  90


Moist  84
Quizzo... Tell Me How My Ass Taste?!  70
Cookiepuss  64
The Help  59
Doltastic (Super) Cat Masters  42
Underdog*  19

* team quit

Cumulative Points, Drinker's Tavern Tournament after three weeks

Dons Quizzote 340
Quizzo... Tell Me How My Ass Taste?! 302
The Help 275
Doltastic Cat Masters 246
Glad We Got Toys 103
That's What She Said 103
Brooke and Others  101
Bring Sex Toys 93
Mosquito Stripe 90
Moist 84
Ramrod 74
Cookiepuss 64
YTA 29
Underdog 19
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Zach said...

Yo Chris,

Pretty sure we got 70, not 60. You announced us as getting 49 points, but forgot to add in our measly 21 points from the final round.


Quizo... Ass

QuizMasterChris said...

I'll fix that now, I recall that... sorry.