Thursday, July 17, 2008

This week's sample Secret Theme rounds

Tough rounds this week, good luck!  Each group of 10 otherwise unrelated tough questions has a theme running through its answers. Can you answer the questions and figure out the themes? Answers will be posted early next week.

Lyon's Den:

1) What band had a #1 song in the US in 1973 with "Frankenstein"?
2) Who played Bobby Wheeler on the sit-com Taxi?
3) Who hosts the Fox News show On the Record?
4) Who has been involved in lengthy court battles regarding the release of his 1998 album Mutations?
5) What US Congressman died in a skiing accident in 1998?
6) What rapper, also known as "The Human Beatbox", had a hit with "The Show" in 1985?
7) What Simpsons voice talent regular is the voice of Ralph Wiggum?
8) What singer, the "Queen of Funk Soul", was born Yvette Marie Stevens?
9) What actress was engaged to Brad Pitt while costarring with him in Kalifornia and Too Young to Die??
10) Who killed Joan Vollmer in Mexico City, 1951?

... and what theme links the ten answers?

Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, Monday:

1) A strike related to what fruit led Cesar Chavez into the labor movement in 1965?
2) What 2003 Academy Award-winning documentary focused on the career of Robert McNamara?
3) What American poet took part in the 1961 inauguration of John F. Kennedy?
4) What former White House press secretary died of colon cancer last weekend?
5) What 1966 Beatles song, according to some their first true psychedelic recording, is the B-side of "Paperback Writer"?
6) Who's trippin' down the streets of the city, smilin' at everybody she sees?
7) What decades-old  CBS News expose of the plight of migrant farm workers was considered a highpoint of American TV journalism?
8) With what team did Dwayne Wade win the 2006 NBA Finals MVP?
9) What 2-minute Cat Stevens song featured use of the word never 16 times?
10) What is the British term for what we call a slot machine?

... and what theme links the ten answers?
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