Monday, July 14, 2008

Early Wednesday night quiz to begin July 23rd at 12 Steps Down!

The good folks at 12 Steps Down (map/address at link) contacted me about doing an early Wednesday quiz, beginning at 7:30.  The first game will take place July 23rd.  It will be the same format as my other games, and we'll have gift certificates for first and second place plus T-shirts etc. as post-game shout-outs.

I will then run down to Ray's and do a completely different quiz starting at 9:30.  You can play both, or you can stay at 12 Steps, which might have some sort of "Loser's Happy Hour" to entice you to hang out longer.

Maybe I'll even ask questions in the three blocks in between, like some sort of trivia Pied Piper.
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1 comment:

Aaron said...

That's awesome. I was hoping that would work out. I will surely come check that out. It will have to be the second week though as I am currently being oppressed by the capitalist law.