Friday, March 30, 2007

This Week's Sample Secret Theme & Unreasonable Rounds

I'm going to try a new feature here, posting a weekly sampling of questions from earlier in this week. I'll post the answers in the coming days, but you're already on the Information Superhighway so it shouldn't take you very long to research anything which requires immediate gratification.

Keep in mind that these are the last and hardest 2 rounds of a 6-round game, and combined total 108 of 212 available points (if I don't toss questions because of chucklehead answer shouting). Thus almost any team that can ace these rounds is likely to win, even if you show up fashionably late. This week the feared Group W set a new record in this format by answering 9 of 10 Secret Theme questions and correctly identifying the theme, then nailing all 10 of the Unreasonably Difficult questions. Yowsa.

Secret Theme, 5 points/question plus 8 for figuring out the logical thread that runs through the answers:

1) What 1987 film earned Robin Williams an Academy Award nomination for playing Adrian Cronauer?
2) What globally popular child’s toy is made more dangerous with broken glass & shards of metal & used by adults to fight recreational duels in Pakistan & other parts of Asia?
3) What record label, a subsidiary of Warner Bros., was formed in 1960, originally to serve as a vehicle for Frank Sinatra? It’s now the label which features Green Day, Neil Young and Depeche Mode.
4) The plant genus capsicum is a group of plants in the nightshade family, and we eat many varieties of capsicum. What are these better known as in the US?
5) What 1983 comedy film starred Michael Caine and Julie Walters?
6) What US Army rank is directly above corporal?
7) What four-handed card game has variations known as Black Lady & Two Blind Bitches?
8) How many squares are on a chessboard?
9) The hardest known naturally occurring material takes its name from the Greek word for “invincible,” name it.
10) Actor Lorne Greene had a #1 song on the Billboard pop charts in 1964. Name the song.

BONUS: What's the theme of these answers?

Unreasonably Difficult Round, 6 points each correct answer:

1) What did an American named William Kemmler become the very first person ever to do back in 1890?
2) What futuristic song was #1 on the Billboard pop charts the week of the July 1969 moon landing?
3) What is the capital of Burkina Faso?
4) How many strings are on a banjo (not plectrum or tenor)?
5) What 18
th century monument is a symbol of the city of Berlin, located at the terminal point of Unter den Linden?
6) From what language do we get the English word “geyser?”
7) One of Picasso’s most famous paintings is his 1907 depiction of 5 Barcelona prostitutes in a brothel. Name it.
8) The Hindi word dalit describes a certain category of person in India. What word do we use for these people in English?
9) German art students named Juergen Voellmer and Astrid Kirchherr are credited by various sources as designing something in the early 1960s that quickly became world-famous. What was it?
10) What is the first metallic element in the Periodic Table of the Elements?

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